Free Los Angeles

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California sunny weather, beaches, and hip west coast attitude make Los Angeles one of the top US tourist destinations. Free Los Angeles offers over 40 listings of free or nearly free activities ranging from museums, walking tours and free performances all across the city.

Become a member of a live studio audience in one of Hollywoods famous game shows or sitcoms (such as Dr. Phil, Jeopardy, The Price is Right); visit one of the worlds most famous fossil localities containing the largest and most diverse assemblage of extinct ice age plants and animals; attend a free concert performance at the Disney Concert Hall; tour the sites where Hollywood royalty got their first start in tinsel town; or visit your choice of over 16 museums and galleries that are free to the public.

For each listing you will find the phone number, address, web URL and other relevant information to help you plan the free trip or visit. With a touch, you can dial the phone number on your iPhone, open the address in Google Maps and browse given website URL in Safari.

The app lets you mark your favorite items and go through just the favorites in a separate tab. Just touch the star in the list or on the details page to add to the favorites. You can make new suggestions (please do, it is much appreciated) and report errors/updates to information. Periodic updates will include newer listings and corrections to the listings.

Free LA is a matter of providing you valuable information, not price. To understand the concept, you should think free as in free speech not as in free beer! That is why Free LA is nominally priced!

Free Los Angeles is part of a series of apps that include Free Boston, Free San Francisco, Free London, Free New York City(NYC), Free Paris, Free Rome and Free Toronto. Also coming soon: Free Hawaii.